For 9 years we have been operating a private boutique specialized WordPress hosting service to select corporate and institutional customers of our software business who required site uptime, host server resources and support not available from the typical public hosts. Due to demand from our WordPress DIY customer base we have decided to expand our specialized WordPress hosting to the public. This website is the future home of this service.

We provide a “Total Managed” solution wherein we take care of all aspects of managing a website that typically vex the average website owner including:

  • We take care of the WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates. No more worries about what to update, order of updating, code conflicts or the site WSOD due to an error!
  • We manage the backups – no backup plugin needed. You have access to your backups anytime no strings attached. Backups include both the website and all your email!
  • We manage the website security. No Security plugin needed and an anti-hacking guarantee!
  • Gravity Forms Pro included – no forms plugin necessary.
  • Professional Image Compression included.
  • LightSpeed Accelerated Caching included – no caching plugin needed!
  • Free SSL certificate included. Make your site https now!
  • Full Cpanel access. No Cpanel functions disabled in order to instead upsell the service per typical hosts.
  • Always the latest and most secure PHP backbone – currently 7.4.9 on most installed sites. PHP 8 is available but not yet recommended given the lack of compatibility across the WP ecosphere.
  • Enhanced secure email service is part of all hosting packages.
  • All hosting packages include a premium theme:  Striking MultiFlex or WP Champion, and several premium plugins.  The theme and plugins included depend on the hosting package selected.

We listened to our software customers and created a true hosting experience that solves all their real needs without all the bogus fluff that actually is of no benefit for a website. Our hosting servers are set up with proper php values so that all websites can truly operate correctly -> plenty of memory headroom, and php values that do not constrain any function. No more fiddling around with php.ini in order to get your webpage to display!

We operate server pods in two locations in North America, one in Asia and one in the UK. We also own our own dns, backup servers and mail servers. All placed in first class NOCs with excellent redundancy. Historical up time since inception is greater then 99.9999%.

Check back in Sept-Oct 2021 for the new website with expanded details about our hosting, SEO, management and security services.